Aluminium Door Solutions

With over 30 years’ industry experience Kevin Smart has set out to bring new, exciting, innovative products to Ireland . . .

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Why Aluminium?

Slim ,strong, secure and eco friendly . . .

Aluminium is a very stable material, keeping expansion and contraction with changes in the ambient temperature to a minimum. Where uPVC expands 3mm per metre, aluminium expands no more than 1mm per metre.

This makes aluminium the only sensible choice of material for bi-fold doors, patio doors and large panoramic windows, where the opening may be several metres across. The inherent strength of aluminium allows the frame to be much narrower than the uPVC or timber alternatives.

It has a contemporary look with much slimmer site lines, which means more of your window or door will be glass.

Thermal Technology

Developments in thermal technology mean that aluminium windows and doors are among the best-insulated on the market, owing to thermal breaks.

Corrosion Resistant

It is resistant to corrosion and common industrial pollutants requiring little long term maintenance.

Sustainable Material

Aluminium is arguably the most sustainable building material in the world and is also highly recyclable.

Excellent Investment

It is an excellent investment in your home with the life cycle of aluminium measured in decades rather than years.

Combine all of these advantages with excellent performance in terms of security, thermal insulation, sound insulation and weatherproofing, and it’s hard to see why anyone would choose any other material but aluminium for their windows and doors.

Available Colours

Our aluminium windows and doors are all painted with a hardwearing polyester powder coat paint, the paint is built to last and baked onto the aluminium.

You can choose from over 200 single or dual RAL colour finishes. Dual colour enables you to have different colours inside and out, for example anthracite grey outside and white inside keeping your interior bright.

This high-quality finish protects the frames from the weather while giving you a long-term low maintenance frame, only requiring an occasional sponge down.

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